18 Oct 2018

Warning: spoilers.

The witches are back! Who would’ve thought the witches from season 3 would make a comeback in season 8 of American Horror Story (named: Apocalypse). About a month ago Emma Roberts blessed us with an Instagram post where we see her standing in her Madison Montgomery clothes which include big sunglasses and high boots in front of what appears to be the Murder House of season 1. Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of the series told several news sites that this new season of American Horror Story would have huge crossovers from other previous seasons, which made us all really excited!


At end of episode 3 of this season, Cordelia, Madison, and Myrtle arrive at the underground bunker where we see them bring Mallory, Coco, and Dinah back from the dead. The episode ends in Madison telling Mallory (who is portrayed by Billie Lourd) her famous “I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me” line. In episode 4 we go back in time before the apocalypse and we see that Michael Langdon (portrayed by Cody Fern) is on a mission to bring Madison and Queenie back, another witch from season three, back from the dead. Madison was unfortunately stuck in Hell after dying at the end of season 3 while Queenie was stuck in Hotel Cortez, where she was playing cards with James March (portrayed by Evan Peter, of course) which was another great crossover from season 5: (Hotel). In the last scenes of episode 4, we see Michael, Queenie, and Madison arriving at the underground bunker with great surprise by Cordelia. In this scene, Madison is wearing an amazing long black dress with lace detail sleeves that have a cut-out at the front. She wears this with black high heels and a black hat with sunglasses.


In episode 5 Madison is wearing a high-waisted black skirt, a crop top with cut-out sleeve detail and black lace gloves, her accessories include some simple pearl earring and her hair is styled “Madison-straight”. As for the shoes: black. high. heels. of course.


In episode 6, Madison and Behold return to the Murder House from season 1 which was really cool to see. In this episode, we first see Madison wear black heels with cut-out detail and black leather jeans. She is also wearing a long sleeve knitted top with a golden belt and big star earrings.


Later in the episode, we see her wearing her sunglasses, a halter top with lace detail, black leather shorts and black boots.


In the final scenes of the episode, Madison is wearing a short sleeveless black dress with ruffles. She wears a small black headband and a choker as accessories She wears the black out-out heels with this outfit again.


Here are items that are very similar to Madison’s (more will be added soon!):


Off Shoulder Ruffles Fitted Dress

Corset Off The Shoulder dress


Lace Tank Top

See Through Crochet Blouse

Button Up Ruffle Tank Top


Star earrings