COVEN - Cordelia

11 Sep 2018

Cordelia Goode (formerly known as Cordelia Foxx) is the Headmistress of Miss Robichaux’s Academy in the third season of American Horror Story (Coven) She is played by Sarah Paulson. She is also the daughter of former Supreme Fiona Goode and skilled at potioncraft.

Cordelia is shy, mainly because she is the daughter of Jessica Lange’s character Fiona Goode, which we all know is very intimidating.


Cordelia dresses are mainly black with details of floral patterns. She dresses quite modest and mature. Her closet contains a lot of blouses/shirts. She combines her blouses with (high waisted) trousers most of the time. She doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, mainly a pearl necklace. You can consider Cordelia’s casual look to be quite old-fashioned.


Casual Cordelia

If Cordelia’s isn’t wearing simple blouses, she is probably wearing floral print (mostly combined with black) In the show we see her wearing two floral midi skirts with black tights and a black shirt. She wears these skirts with ankle boots and she might wear her pearl necklace as accessory. Here we see Cordelia wear a skirt a floral pattern, she wears this with an elegant wide neck black shirt.



Throughout the show, there are some scenes where we can see Sarah Paulson wear a floral dress. Two of these dresses she wore after finding out she was the next Supreme witch in the coven. Her character has developed in a more confident woman than she was before and that shows in her appearance/clothing style.


Witch Cordelia

As I said before, Cordelia is a witch and so she also has the black clothing side of her closet. When you look at Cordelia’s dresses halfway through the show you’ll see that she’s almost always covering her legs. When Cordelia is wearing a skirt, she’ll likely be wearing black tights and if she’s not wearing black tights, the length of her skirt will likely be beneath her knees. You can see Cordelia wants to be a role model for the young witches she guides so she will always dress professionally. She is also seen wearing some lace detail on her black clothing sometimes.


Inspiration Looks

If you want to recreate some of Cordelia’s style then you can keep these things in mind:

  • Remember that Cordelia dresses modest

  • For jewelry I suggest to keep it simple, with small earrings or a basic pearl necklace

  • If you wear a skirt and it fits above your knees, then wears some black tights underneath

  • If you wear a pattern on your clothes, make sure it’s floral and simple

  • If you wear floral, make sure you wear it combine it with black.

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