19 Sep 2018

Zoe Benson is a character of American Horror Story’s third season (“Coven”), she is portrayed by Taissa Farmiga. In the season Taissa plays the 17-year-old girl-next-door Zoe Benson who has her life turned upside-down in an instant when she discovers she is a witch. She is being sent away to a school were young witches learn to control their gifts.

Zoe is a young girl with chest-long, straight, dark blonde hair. She is seen to wear it down with a center part most of the time. She is seen to wear very little makeup addresses in dark colors much of the time, often times pairing a hat with her ensemble.


Zoe has a basic clothing style with her own twist. She wears a lot of blouses and her dresses are mostly midi-length. Her style includes plain girl-next-door clothing, which could have something to do with the fact that she is a shy girl who doesn’t want to attract too much attention. As I sad before Zoe mainly wears dresses that are midi-length which she combines with ankle boots/heels. She also combines her outfits with big black hats that give her an immediate witchy mysterious look.

first dress-084c15.jpg

Casual Zoe

As you can see, she has a quite simple casual style with simple sweaters. She does give attention to her hair with a side braid or pigtails sometimes Zoe can also be seen wearing multiple layers of clothing.

Zoe casual.jpg

Darker Zoe

You see Zoe wearing a lot of black and white blouses. She dresses more classic than most characters in the show. But she still gives it her own touch, like the dungarees for example. Something to keep in mind when you think about her style is the difference in mesh/transparent fabrics and black leather.

Zoe witch.jpg

I had to include this iconic dress which is so cool looking. The waist belt, the sleeves, and the hat go so well together.

Black Dress-e8c4e2.jpg

Inspiration Looks

In the first episode, we see Zoe wearing this midi-length dress with little ankle boots. She combines this with her black hat. In this outfit, you can see the mesh detail on the front, which Zoe wears a lot.

If you want to recreate some of Zoe Benson’s style then you can keep these things in mind:

  • Try to combine a black hat with your outfit

  • Keep it simple with your hairstyle

  • Wear midi-length dresses

  • Blouses are always good

  • Wear ankle boots to give it a Zoe vibe

  • Wear a lot of black

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