12 Oct 2018

Warning: spoilers

Billie Lourd is back! Previously we saw Billie Lourd portraying Winter Anderson in season 7 (“Cult”). In this season we see her portraying Mallory. Before the apocalypse, Mallory is a stylish girl who is helping Coco establishing herself as a social media influencer. When the apocalypse hits she is put into servitude at Outpost 3, the underground bunker for the apocalypse “survivors”. At the end of episode 3, she gets brought back from the dead by the witches from season 3 and the episode ends in Madison telling Mallory her famous line: “Suprise b-, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me”, which leaves us curious to what could have happened between them.

In episodes after that, we get some background information on Mallory and we get to know that she is a Salem descendant and used to be a witch in the Coven. At the Robichaux’s Academy, we see Zoe being a teacher and seeing potential in Mallory’s powers, as Mallory flawlessly turned a flower’s petals to blue and then turning the petals into butterflies, impressing Cordelia, the Supreme. Here she is wearing an off-shoulder top with black mesh and golden stripes, she also wears some sort of golden diadem. Gold as an accent color is important to keep in mind.


As I mentioned earlier, right before the apocalypse Mallory is helping Coco becoming a social media influencer, in these scenes, she is wearing typical stylish clothes that are popular right now, for example, the jeans with stripes on the side.


After the apocalypse hit and while she is a servant at Outpost 3 she is forced to wear dull gray clothes and her hair in a high bun on which Billie Lourd also shared an Instagram post with the caption: “Everyone’s favorite hairstyle is back and better than ever on #AHSapocalypse”

In the episodes where we see her being in the coven, she is seen wearing a white dress with a golden diadem. She wears this with black boots.


In another scene a black dress with gold belt detail. She uses a lot of golden details which go great with her dark blonde hair. She also wears an off-shoulder top with black mesh and golden lines.


Here are some items: