COVEN - Madison

12 Oct 2018

If you’ve seen the third season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story (named: Coven) you’ll know there’s a thin line between loving and hating the character Madison Montgomery (who is portrayed by Emma Roberts). We all have a love and hate relationship with Emma Roberts’ bitchfaces and incredible hair-flips and that’s what makes this character so memorable.

Here is some background information on Madison, in case you kinda forgot season three of American Horror Story: Madison Montgomery is a 17-year-old out-of-control Hollywood starlet who is used to things going her way. But after becoming stranded at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies (aka witches, what the whole season is about) she learns that she needs more than star power to shine. Madison is an extremely powerful telekinetic witch and she is not afraid to tell you that.


As we all know is Emma Roberts, with her thin figure, long legs and blonde hair, made for the role of being a mean girl. And that’s why you’ll see her wear revealing clothes that show off her figure. If there’s one thing you need to know about Madison’s style is that they accentuate her legs a lot with high shoes or knee socks. You’ll see a lot of outfits were she’s wearing knee socks or high shoes with a skirt or shorts.

Party Dress-Madison

At the beginning of the show, we see Madison wear tiny dresses with heels, preferably glitter heels. We can see that she has her party-dresses figured out and is ready to go. She keeps it simple with these dresses, she mostly combines them with small bracelets or earrings and she keeps her hair simple and straight.

Blue Dress-51b4db.jpg

White dress-d6a9a9.jpg


In the third season of American Horror Story, we also see Madison wear a lot of black and dark colors. This is the case for the whole cast of this season. So when [spoiler] Madison dies and gets brought back to life one of the first things we see her wear is a black loose-fitting dress with a chocker. And we can kind of sense that her Madison changed into a much darker character after being brought back to life. The accessories she wears with these long ‘witchy’ dresses are chockers because [spoiler] she got her throat cut which resulted in her death and that left a scar around her neck.

madison black-44e073.jpg

Red Dress-1-cfdb19.jpg

“Casual” Madison

The whole witch cast of season three can be seen wearing a lot of black/dark colors. Madison does too, but she combines the dark with the little glitter/glamour side of her, you can see her wearing black but with shiny gold details or accessories. This gives her clothes a real ‘Madison’ twist. Notice how she’s wearing knee socks/high shoes in a lot of these outfits and notice how she’s wearing a lot of hair accessories.

Leather Skirt-7a2bd4.jpg

Black Set-b254ae.jpg

Inspiration Looks

If you want to recreate some of Madison Montgomery’s style then you can keep these things in mind:

  • Try to keep the skirts short

  • Keep the jewelry simple, don’t over do it

  • Try to show off your legs

  • If you want to wear a coat, make sure it’s a fur coat

  • Hair accessories are important.

  • And most importantly: put on some high shoes or socks

Here are some links to clothing items:


Puff Sleeve Skater Dress

Open Shoulder Crochet Dress

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Lace Mock-Neck Top

Glossy Short-sleeved Blouse


Mirror Work Skirt

High-Rise Leather Mini Skirt


Faux Fur Coat

Oversized Collar Faux Fur Coat

Longline Tailored Crepe Cape


Pointed Toe Sock Boots

Stretch Over Knee Cleated Boots


Leather Look Beret Hat

Sequin Beret

Double Layer Head Chain

Twist Hair Knot Headband

Metal Plate Waist Belt

Tipped Western Belt

Over-the-knee Socks

Sparkly Glitter Scrunchie