CULT - Winter

13 Oct 2018

As we all know, season 7 of American Horror Story was all about Kai Anderson (who is portrayed by the amazing Evan Peters). In season 7 we follow the events around the presidential elections in 2016 and we follow the story of Kai becoming a cult leader in Michigan. We also get to meet Kai’s sister Winter, who is portrayed by Billie Lourd. Winter is a young woman worried about the outcome of Donald Trump’s election to the US Presidency. She is morbidly fascinated by violence and gore and is terrified by her brother Kai, the person that she fears most in the world.


Winter is a 20-year old girl, with long silver hair, a porcelain doll face, and a modern gothic attire, consisting of black dresses with white collars, and Victorian-ish accessories. She is mostly seen in white blouses with ruffles or other details. She has different hairstyles throughout the season, sometimes she wears her hair in a high bun, a ponytail or pigtails.


As I mentioned before, Winter styles her outfit with a white collar most of the time.


The only kind of accessories we see Winter wear are big necklaces with old Victorian details. As for the colors, she mainly wears black and white, if she’s wearing color she is probably wearing dark red or dark blue. And as you can see, Winter only wears long sleeves and she is almost always wearing clothing with a high neck/turtleneck.

outfit2-a45df6.jpg outfit4.jpg

Here are some things that characterize Winter’s clothing style:

Long sleeves and high tops

  • Black and white with almost no other color

  • White Victorian blouses with ruffles

  • Big round necklaces

  • Different hair styles

  • White collars

Here are some items:


Frilled Tie Neck Lace Blouse

Ruffle Turtleneck Sweater

Ruffles Textured Shirt

Eyelet Bow Tie Blouse

Split Sleeve Shirt


Plaid Bow Shirt Dress